Barry Weiss finds a phlegm holder

It’s Day 4 of my social media experiment to see if Barry Weiss will ever find my blog.  Today, I am feeling a tad bit lazy, so I thought I’d share a Barry-related blurb from my other blog.  And, seeing as how it is all about one of Barry’s favourite Storage Wars‘ finds, it may lure him in.  Or maybe not.

An excerpt from my other blog, The Embiggens Project…My Blanket Smells Like Belly Button, My Coffee Reeks Like Skunk Butt, and My Pocket Smells Like 100-Year-Old Phlegm

If you knew what it was, you probably wouldn’t hold it with your bare hands.


So my quest to have Barry Weiss find my blog is still under way.  And I just happen to have a Barry-related tidbit that fits in with today’s rant.  Imagine that?

A while back, Storage Wars‘ (and all of television’s, for that matter), most lovable character came across an item that resembled a metal flask with a strange little door on the side.  He and his doting audience were enthralled.  Whatever could this strange device be?

Turns out it is a century-old, portable cuspidor–more commonly known as a spittoon.  Yes.  This is a vessel filled with the relics of old phlegm.  ACK!

While Barry initially appeared appalled by this revelation, he seemed to recover from this initial shock, pocketing the sputum-filled vessel and adding it to his personal collection.  I like to think he went home and boiled it first.

Ancient phlegm or not, he can still park his cuspidor under my Sealy Posturepedic any day of the week.

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