Barry and Some Creepy Little Puppets

As you already know, I love pop culture collectibles–everything from Cornelius Rooster to Snoopy.  But I am Canadian.  And what the heck is a Canadian pop culture collectible?  Unless I want to add a bunch of beer memorabilia or…ack…a Celine Dion poster to my collection (which I don’t), it will continue to be a mish-mash of British and American offerings.

Unless I can get my hands on two Canadian hand puppets that I–and every Canadian child–grew up with.  Barry Weiss had the honour of putting his paws on them–and, perhaps, in them–for an episode of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  

You can see Barry and these two Canadian icons in action right here:

I have to admit that Casey and Finnegan do look a tad bit horrifying–just lying there all limp and empty.  But they held generations of Canadian children spellbound in their heyday.  Maybe we’re just a nation of idiots.  Hm.

But watch this and witness the magic for yourself…

Now that’s four and a half minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.  Okay, Casey is creepy–like a puppet pedophile.  But Finnegan is still rather neat.  And much more dexterous than his rubber- faced, squeaky- voiced friend with the abnormally rosy cheeks.

I wonder if Barry ever has nightmares about that ratty little freak.


Farewell to Mark Balelo

I am shocked and saddened to discover that Storage Wars‘ Mark Balelo, 40,  has taken his own life.  Following a drug-related run-in with the law, Balelo’s body was found in his car–he died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

When Mark Balelo appeared on the show, you were guaranteed an interesting episode.  Armed with his murse, a pair of blue patent leather shoes, and a massive wad of cash, he was often the  target of on-screen ribbing by the show’s regulars.  But he seemed to take it all in stride, remaining unruffled by the laughter.

Surfing the net for photos afforded me a small glimpse of the off-screen man–a funny guy with a sense of humour that can be seen laughing with cast mates, hugging his fiancee, and even hosting a Halloween auction donning a Superman suit.

Barry & BaleloI’m sure that Storage Wars’ fans everywhere have been looking at these photos too.  My favourite is this great shot with Barry who, of course, had just given him a pair of  freaky-looking glasses.

Mark Balelo died far too young and will be sorely missed.  I offer my sincerest condolences to his loved ones.

Barry Weiss, his house with many rooms, and the perfect guest

It’s like minus gazillion outside today–and that’s without the windchill.  We Canadians are the toughest people alive, but I’m tired of being tough.  I want to schlep my pasty white, vitamin D deficient carcass to the golden California sunshine and thaw out my perpetually frosty toes (which would be greatly helped if I put on socks.  But I hate socks.  I’m a barefoot kind of gal).  Did I tell you that we have about two feet of snow out there?

Barry Weiss proudly states that he is a born and raised Californian.  He has likely never endured weather-induced hardship.  Or had to drive in freezing rain.  Or put snow tires on his Cowboy Cadillac.  I wish he’d invite me to swim in his outdoor pool–which by the way, Canadians only get to enjoy for 5 or 6 months of the year.  I’m on a well.  It would look like I was swimming in apple juice–or a giant urine sample.  Ack.

I’m not fussy though.  A stay in any Beverly Hills mansion would be divine–not quite as divine as one that comes with Barry, but divine just the same.  It would appear that Barry feels the same way as evidenced by this clip:


According to Hollywood spies  Paparazzi, Barry actually lives in a 1928 Spanish Revival Home on a street named after Cecil B. DeMille in L.A.’s posh Laughlin Park neighbourhood–kitty corner to Natalie Portman.  Here are some shots:

Where does Barry Weiss Live? In Laughlin Park gated community in Los Angeles

Barry Weiss house satellite photo

Pretty sweet digs.  Surely, he must have a guestroom that a winter-weary Canadian can borrow.  I’ll even polish his cars.