Barry and His Mustache Can Play a Mean Harmonica

I can “sort of” play a few musical instruments.  As I’ve said before, I possess the attention span of a gnat on Redbull.  I have strummed a few strings and tickled some ivories over the years, but I have never felt compelled to master anything more than a few tunes.  Tunes that I have long since forgotten.  And, yes, I did try to learn the harmonica.

Have you ever had a nasty paper cut in an awkward location that just won’t heal.  Well, a tongue is an awkward location.  And, harmonica cuts don’t heal very well either.  Needless to say, I gave that up too.

My tongue felt like this.

My tongue felt like this.

Well, according to Facebook’s Barry Weiss Storage Wars Fan Club, the multi-talented Barry Weiss has also been blessed with a tough tongue–one quite capable of mastering the mouth organ.  And mastering it completely.  The fan club claims that this is an old clip of Barry showing off his musical prowess with The Tall Guys.  Yup–Barry with long, flowing locks and a furry friend on his upper lip.

It takes place in 1989 in Pennsylvania and some claim it isn’t the same Barry–but others say it is.  Check it out and be the judge for yourself…

I ask you, do you think this is THE Barry Weiss?

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8 thoughts on “Barry and His Mustache Can Play a Mean Harmonica

  1. I know the Barry Weiss in the video. He played with a group called Pilgrimage out of Dallas, Texas in the late 70’s. The group put out three albums, “Horizon”, “Livin’ on Airport Freeway” and “Trinity”. Mantis had their albums up for sale for a while and I have them also. Barry is an excellent musician. He plays harp, guitar, writes and sings as well. Yes, he’s from Pennsylvania. I moved away from Dallas and lost touch with Barry. I have missed him, his talent and his wit. I’ve been trying to figure out if THE Barry Weiss is the same man also. I do see some similarities. It’s been a long time so it’s difficult for me to tell. My friend Barry is short and you can tell that from the video. If I remember correctly, he is about my height and I am 5’6″. When I knew him, he didn’t have a mustache and his hair was a bit longer than his collar. I don’t know how tall THE Barry Weiss is. Barry has a distinctive voice and laugh. I knew the Barry in the video was my friend even before he turned around on the stage. I have been searching for him for a while and would love for him to meet my husband and son. Plus, we have a lot of catching up to do.

    • I am glad to have my suspicions confirmed! This video was on his FB Fan Club site and I didn’t believe it was the same Barry. That’s why I posted it…to see if it was him.
      Thanks for identifying the real Barry!!

      • Dude, they’re both the “real Barry”! LOL Not to be a drag to the FB Fan Club but I like my friend Barry better!

  2. I’ve been watching and listening to Barry on the Storage Wars website and I’m not hearing the distinctive voice or laugh. Barry smoked quite a bit, and it always amazed me that he could come up with all that air when he really got going on the harp. THE Barry Weiss looks taller than my friend Barry and my friend walked differently, sort of bouncey and up on the balls of his feet. It’s tough to describe. Plus, Barry didn’t have antique one in his apartment!

  3. Okay. Found a video where THE Barry Weiss states he was born and raised in LA. The Barry Weiss playing harp with the Tall Guys is definitely not THE Barry Weiss.

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