I cheer, Barry cheers, we all cheer for Thom Beers.

I feel personally indebted to Mr. Thom Beers.  Without him, I would have led a Barry-free existence–one without clever storage-locker puns, the Cowboy Cadillac, skeleton gloves, and Boston Joe.  I wouldn’t have met the silver phlegm holder or my personal favourite–the “Reddy Kilowatt” lamp.  Nor would I know that a Kit-Cat clock is the key to putting the “kitch” in my kitchen.  This blog would not exist.  And I would have to seek some other witty and charming, silver-haired piece of eye candy to salivate over.

Barry Weiss and Boston Joe

Focus, Kim.

Thankfully, Mr. Beers knows a star-to-be when he sees one and Mr. Weiss can now visit my living room every Tuesday night.  Yes, Beers brainchild, Storage Warshas become a  tremendous success and cultural icon, but not all of his inventions have fared so well.

A few of his lesser known titles include Whisker Wars–yes, people with really long beards gelled or teased into styles so ridiculous that you wouldn’t be caught dead walking on the same side of the street as any of them, let alone marry or bear children with them, Dead Tenants–people hire Ghostbusters, none as funny as Bill Murray, to rid their homes of non-paying ghosts, which makes me wonder if the problem was that they were ghosts or that they were a bunch of lazy-ass moochers, Wing Nuts–people who make furniture out of old airplane parts, which I really don’t understand because airplanes are not exactly known for comfort, so why would you want to put the crap from inside airplanes into your own house, and Ax Men (or, as we would say in Canada, Axe Men), in which men chop down trees and try not to squash each other with them.

Yes, these flopped forays into the world of reality television did not stop Mr. Beers from persevering and creating the masterpiece that most call Storage Wars–but I call a half hour with Barry.

Well, here is a video starring Barry Weiss, himself, presenting a faux award to the man who discovered him…


And don’t forget, if you see this man lurking about this blog, contact me immediately.

Barry in paisley


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