Barry Weiss and a Bunch of Boobs

As you know, I am short.  Just scraped the five foot mark and stopped growing.  It would appear that my pituitary gland is an underachiever.  I do, however, own a nice pair of what Barry would call “sweater puppets.”  Some men are leg men and others are boob men.  With a pair of stubs, I am ill-equipped to turn the head of a long-pair-of-stems seeker.  Thankfully, based on many of Barry’s Storage Wars comments, it would appear that he is the latter–a fan of fried eggs, flesh bulbs, fun bags…you get the picture.

He has admired the psychic’s stack, Mrs. Dotson’s double D’s, and Brandi’s Bra Buddies.  Surely, my jolly jigglers would also capture his eye.  And his imagination.  (My husband just rolled his eyes.  He finds my Barry crush entertaining–almost as entertaining as my aforementioned boobs).

Barry recently found himself surrounded by a heaving herd of headlights–the Hooters kind.  Yes, only Barry could steal the spotlight from the tightly shirted, short skirted Hooter girls.  Check out this video to see the suave Mr. Weiss in action for yourself…

Barry and the Hooter Girls

If you see this man hanging around this block, contact me immediately.

Amber Alert:  If you see this man hanging around this blog, contact me immediately.


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5 thoughts on “Barry Weiss and a Bunch of Boobs

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  2. I love that you came up with 10 different names for boobs! Jolly jigglers and the heaving herd of headlights are the best! Come on Barry….google yourself…google yourself (I’m sending him ESP waves)!

  3. Barry sees beauty in all women especially their sweater puppets. Sure Brandi is attractive but being with Jarrod shows she’s not nearly as smart as Laura Dotson. Brandi never laughs at sexual jokes unless it comes from Jarrod admirable but frigid. Laura on the other hand giggles at Barry’s attention to her lovable lady muffins that is sexy. I hate nothing more then a woman who hides her assets like Brandi, give me a woman who displays her cleavage any day

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