Barry Weiss’s farewell, my leaky eye holes, and a brush with electrocution

I have a tad bit of a conundrum. I own a blog devoted to a television personality that is no longer on television. This poses a unique challenge.

barrys farewell

Yes, the sexiest man on the small screen has bid Storage Wars “adieu” and moved on to new adventures–seemingly private ones that I will not be able to comment on. Upon learning about this horrifying news, my first reaction was to sob hysterically, but my laptop got wet and, quite frankly, I was petrified of electrocuting myself. Where on earth would I find fodder to flog on my blog? Hey, that rhymes. And, of even greater concern, I was going to have to give up my Barry addiction cold turkey.

In the midst of my panic, I experienced a cathartic “a-ha” moment. If Barry was no longer forced to wake up before noon, drag his tired (but sexy) butt to a storage auction, and endure a torturous day of numpty-head Dave, he may actually have time to Google himself. Hehe. That sounds funny. Google himself. Any-who, this could be a good thing for Searching for Barry Weiss and the little red head who writes it.

Perhaps, in a moment of spare time–in between hitting the hills in his car and partying with rock stars–he will suddenly develop an interest in seeking out little known blogs by semi-literate writers. Maybe, he will be so captivated by this humble little homage, that he will feel compelled to seek out its author. Stop rolling your eyes. A girl is allowed to dream.

If you see this man, please contact the owner of this blog.

Barry Weiss 2