What’s this blog about, anyway?

I love blogging and have fallen in love with my very first blogging project, The Embiggens Project–my quest to warp enhance the minds around me and stunt foster the growth of new dendrites.  This blog has been created with a whole other purpose.  Blogs reach people.  Interesting people from all corners of the earth.  But can a blog actually reach a particular person?

Hm.  That is the question that I have decided to attempt to answer.  The target of this blog is one of my favourite famous people–the witty, charming, and always lovable “collector” from Storage WarsMr. Barry Weiss.

So, readers (if there are, indeed, any of you out there), let the search begin.  Can this little blog garner the attention of the A&E superstar?  Only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “What’s this blog about, anyway?

  1. Haha! I love social experiments, and I’m only slightly embarassed to say it, I like to watch Storage Wars. Although I felt genuinely let down when I heard the producers were stocking the lockers with cool stuff, I still watch it. Barry is my favorite on the show, so if following your blog and clicking like on some posts will help in your social experiment quest, sign me up. But I expect mention before the “et al.” when you publish the results.

    • Hehe. I can use all the help I can get with my social experiment!! Yes, you will definitely get a glowing mention for your assistance!!
      Someone from A&E said that Dave just wanted a way out of his contract–so he wanted to be fired. I guess we’ll never know the truth. But Barry’s shenanigans make the show worth watching. And Darrell’s rather messed up metaphors.

      • Darrell always seems like he’s living in a different reality than everyone else. I actually don’t have cable right now, so I’ve been watching the older episodes through Amazon Prime. I don’t understand my fascination with the show. I guess they just have some interesting characters and I like to observe people. Plus I wish I was a treasure hunter.

      • I do too! They find some of the coolest things. I think my favourite find was either the silver martini set or Barry’s lamp with the mascot built in to the light filament. Of course, Darrell’s $300,000 art collection would have been sweet too!

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