Barry Weiss’s farewell, my leaky eye holes, and a brush with electrocution

I have a tad bit of a conundrum. I own a blog devoted to a television personality that is no longer on television. This poses a unique challenge.

barrys farewell

Yes, the sexiest man on the small screen has bid Storage Wars “adieu” and moved on to new adventures–seemingly private ones that I will not be able to comment on. Upon learning about this horrifying news, my first reaction was to sob hysterically, but my laptop got wet and, quite frankly, I was petrified of electrocuting myself. Where on earth would I find fodder to flog on my blog? Hey, that rhymes. And, of even greater concern, I was going to have to give up my Barry addiction cold turkey.

In the midst of my panic, I experienced a cathartic “a-ha” moment. If Barry was no longer forced to wake up before noon, drag his tired (but sexy) butt to a storage auction, and endure a torturous day of numpty-head Dave, he may actually have time to Google himself. Hehe. That sounds funny. Google himself. Any-who, this could be a good thing for Searching for Barry Weiss and the little red head who writes it.

Perhaps, in a moment of spare time–in between hitting the hills in his car and partying with rock stars–he will suddenly develop an interest in seeking out little known blogs by semi-literate writers. Maybe, he will be so captivated by this humble little homage, that he will feel compelled to seek out its author. Stop rolling your eyes. A girl is allowed to dream.

If you see this man, please contact the owner of this blog.

Barry Weiss 2

The Search Begins

I am always looking for a new project–usually because I have abandoned a previous one midway through completion–and this blog is my latest endeavour.

I have often wondered if celebrities Google themselves.  I’m no celebrity, but I’ve caught myself putting every variation of my name in my favourite search engine in hopes of finding myself.  I’m not sure why.  I know that I exist, so why must I be reassured of this fact by cyberspace?  Hm.  I’ve ventured into deep cerebral territory here.  Better get back to the point of this blog (which is in no way cerebral or deep).

In my original blog,, I mentioned that I’d like to do a social media experiment of sorts.  The focus of this experiment?  One of my favourite celebrities, Storage Wars‘ Mr. Barry Weiss, aka The Collector.  He’s famous enough to have many pages of Google search results, but he’s down-to-earth enough to, perhaps, engage in a little self-Googling (that sounds dirty) from time to time.

And, so begins the experiment.  Will Barry Weiss find this blog?  And, if he does, how on earth will I ever know?  Hm.  Didn’t quite think that one through.  But Barry is a clever guy.  I’m sure he’ll find a way.

I invite you all to be my research assistants and, together, we can make this happen.

Has anyone seen this man hanging  around this blog?

Has anyone seen this man hanging around this blog?