Barry Weiss loses arm up crocodile’s ass

As many of you know, I love puppets.  I have a few really strange ones in my possession including a giant snail, a police officer, and a hand with a tarantula attached to it.  I do not, however, have a crocodile.  Or an alligator.  I have no idea how to tell them apart.  Let’s just say I have no scaly green things with large teeth and a tale that can knock a buffalo off its feet.

It turns out that Barry Weiss does.  I’m not sure why.  And I definitely don’t know what a croc/gator has to do with a streetcar, a midget with a French mustache, a magician’s hat, and a knapsack full of what appears to be underwear.  But it sure makes for an interesting picture.

And let’s face it…Barry makes everything look stylish.  Even a giant reptile mitt.




Barry and his merry band  Yeah, that's it.  Misfits.

Barry and his merry band of…um…misfits. Yeah, that’s it. Misfits.