The Search Begins

I am always looking for a new project–usually because I have abandoned a previous one midway through completion–and this blog is my latest endeavour.

I have often wondered if celebrities Google themselves.  I’m no celebrity, but I’ve caught myself putting every variation of my name in my favourite search engine in hopes of finding myself.  I’m not sure why.  I know that I exist, so why must I be reassured of this fact by cyberspace?  Hm.  I’ve ventured into deep cerebral territory here.  Better get back to the point of this blog (which is in no way cerebral or deep).

In my original blog,, I mentioned that I’d like to do a social media experiment of sorts.  The focus of this experiment?  One of my favourite celebrities, Storage Wars‘ Mr. Barry Weiss, aka The Collector.  He’s famous enough to have many pages of Google search results, but he’s down-to-earth enough to, perhaps, engage in a little self-Googling (that sounds dirty) from time to time.

And, so begins the experiment.  Will Barry Weiss find this blog?  And, if he does, how on earth will I ever know?  Hm.  Didn’t quite think that one through.  But Barry is a clever guy.  I’m sure he’ll find a way.

I invite you all to be my research assistants and, together, we can make this happen.

Has anyone seen this man hanging  around this blog?

Has anyone seen this man hanging around this blog?