To flub or not to flub? Barry Weiss hitches his sitcom star to the Great White North

I always knew there was something I liked about Barry–well, several things actually–but here is yet another to add to an ever-growing list.  He fits in well with Canadians.  And I am a Canadian.  He has already guest-starred on This Hour Has 22 Minutes twice.  Yup, TWICE.  He has been schooled on Canada’s most beloved–and insanely creepy–children’s television stars, “Casey and Finnegan.”  Mind you, he was rewarded with some liquid gold (aka Molson Canadian) for enduring that supposed honour.  (Notice the extra “u” in honour.  That’s how we roll up here.  Barry probably knows that).

Canadian children, myself included, were enthralled with this creepy little boy and his mute dog.

Canadian children, myself included, were enthralled with this creepy little boy and his mute dog.

Which probably led to our desire to consume this.

Which probably led to our desire to consume this.

He has even hung out with Canada’s most famous “recluse,” Santa Claus–paying thousands of dollars for Saint Nick’s stored belongings–including a reindeer-shaped skull with a bright red nose.

Another creepy Canadian.  Think about it.  He comes into your house while your sleeping and he has a thing for small children.

Yes, the world’s favourite (yes, we put a “u” in this word too) home invader is a Canuck.

Barry will be making his sitcom debut and it’s going to be on Dave Foley‘s new CTV show, Spun Out.  Yes, none of that CBC crap.  He is going to be on the self-sufficient station that brought us Corner Gaswithout the benefit of public funding (but that’s a whole other story).  Although, I’d be all for my taxes paying for more Barry Weiss-related television.  Who wouldn’t?

Weiss admits to having trouble getting used to a script and claims to have “flubbed” his lines at least 25 times.  But he got it done.  And I can hardly wait!

Here’s a shot of him without his trademark specs in Chatham, Ontario.


And remember people–if you see this man hanging around this blog, contact me immediately.

Although he usually has a well-dressed body attached.

Although he usually has a well-dressed body attached.

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Barry and Some Creepy Little Puppets

As you already know, I love pop culture collectibles–everything from Cornelius Rooster to Snoopy.  But I am Canadian.  And what the heck is a Canadian pop culture collectible?  Unless I want to add a bunch of beer memorabilia or…ack…a Celine Dion poster to my collection (which I don’t), it will continue to be a mish-mash of British and American offerings.

Unless I can get my hands on two Canadian hand puppets that I–and every Canadian child–grew up with.  Barry Weiss had the honour of putting his paws on them–and, perhaps, in them–for an episode of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  

You can see Barry and these two Canadian icons in action right here:

I have to admit that Casey and Finnegan do look a tad bit horrifying–just lying there all limp and empty.  But they held generations of Canadian children spellbound in their heyday.  Maybe we’re just a nation of idiots.  Hm.

But watch this and witness the magic for yourself…

Now that’s four and a half minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.  Okay, Casey is creepy–like a puppet pedophile.  But Finnegan is still rather neat.  And much more dexterous than his rubber- faced, squeaky- voiced friend with the abnormally rosy cheeks.

I wonder if Barry ever has nightmares about that ratty little freak.

Barry Weiss Meets Santa Claus

It’s the third day of my social media experiment and still no word from Barry Weiss.  Perhaps, I can reel him in by sharing his recent encounter with the North Pole’s most famous resident–Santa Claus.  Yes, the round man in red had some merchandise to hawk and decided to give The Collector first refusal.  This is a momentous occasion that you won’t want to miss:

Barry, are you there?