Day 2-Dangling the four-wheeled carrot

So, it is Day 2 of my “will-Barry-Weiss-ever-find-this-blog” social media experiment.

As we all know, Barry Weiss is a sucker for a flash car.  He owns a whole fleet of them.  And the web is filled with pictures of each of these prized possessions.  Pictures that are featured on sites and blogs that rank higher on Google search results than this fledgling blog does.  Which gives me an idea….

Here’s Barry’s custom Cadillac that he says is one giant blind spot.

The Cowboy Cadillac

The Cowboy Cadillac

And the bubble car that has been referred to in fart jokes.  Apparently, you don’t want to be in here with a person who has gas.

bubble-top Beatnik

bubble-top Beatnik

The Deco-Liner, which is a bitch to back up.

Deco liner

Deco liner

And my favourite.

1940 Ford

1940 Ford

Barry, did I miss any?

2 thoughts on “Day 2-Dangling the four-wheeled carrot

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